Transport Actions main objective is the promotion, advancement and development of public transportation.


The transportation industry is the largest single user of fossil fuels. Transport Action encourages the use of energy-efficient public transportation.


Over-reliance on road transportation produces a serious waste of land in rural and urban areas. Congestion, air and noise pollution, and traffic fatalities and injuries can be reduced by environmental sound public transportation.


Public transportation in rural and urban areas is often inconvenient, infrequent, slow, and sometimes non-existent. Yet private transport is often not available to the elderly, the young the disabled, those on low incomes and those who choose not to own cars. Transport Action strives to make public transport more accessible.


Public Hearings

Transport Action presents briefs at public hearings across the country held by the Canadian Transport Commission and other federal, provincial and municipal regulatory bodies.


Transport Action prepares studies, proposals, inquiries and reviews of public transport policy.


Transport Action researches public transport questions and provides contract consulting services.


Transport Action defends the user of public transport services in regular contact with government, regulatory bodies, transport companies, labour and other groups. Transport Action representatives regularly attend public hearings, participate in public forums and sit on industry and government advisory boards.


Transport Action publishes the national newsletter TransportAction and the Atlantic Bulletin. Transport Action publishes occasional studies and position papers and regularly represents consumer interests in the media.


Transport Action holds public meetings and seminars on the regional and national level, sometimes in concert with other groups.