The Atlantic Provinces

Since its formation in 1977, Transport Action Atlantic has been active in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Transport Action Atlantic has been involved in research, consumer advocacy and education, touching all aspects of public transport in the four provinces.

In Canada

Transport Action Canada was formed in 1976, a federation of regional associations dedicated to the promotion of public transport in Canada. Transport Action maintains an Ottawa office staffed by an Executive Director and maintained by volunteers. Transport Action regional groups are found in British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic region.


Transport Action was first formed in Great Britain (As Transport 2000) in 1972 as a volunteer consumer movement to oppose the destruction of the environment by over-reliance on roads and to promote public transportation. Since then, Transport 2000 and associated groups have been established in France, Switzerland, the United States and Canada.