AGM Reminder!

Don’t forget, TAA’s annual general meeting is happening *tomorrow*, Saturday, October 17th! For the first time ever, due to the ongoing pandemic, our meeting will be held virtually on Zoom. While we’ll miss seeing folks in person, we hope this will allow some of you to attend who couldn’t usually get to our physical meetings.

In addition to our usual business agenda, we look forward to welcoming Cape Breton mayor Cecil Clarke, who will speak to the outlook for rail service in Cape Breton.

If you’re on our mailing list (either as a member that we have an email address for or having signed up through our website), you should have received an invitation by email last Sunday. You’ll need to register in order to join the meeting. If you didn’t receive the invitation, please email us at, and we’ll get you sorted!

Annual General Meeting Notice

The Transport Action Atlantic logo, a green maple leaf with a right facing arrow

In common with most other public gatherings throughout the region, Transport Action Atlantic’s annual general meeting, scheduled for May 2, had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Your executive subsequently tentatively rescheduled the AGM for Saturday, October 17, planned to coincide with the fall board meeting in Halifax.

Although the “Atlantic Bubble” has proven quite successful to date, given the increase in COVID-19 cases elsewhere in Canada, a further decision has now been made to err on the side of caution. Consequently, both TAA meetings will be virtual, and held through medium of ZOOM. Our vice-president and webmaster Tim Hayman has agreed to co-ordinate the technical arrangements, and further details will be forthcoming shortly via e-mail, on the TAA website, and through social media.

The AGM agenda normally includes annual reports and financial statements, appointment of an auditor, election of a board of directors, and any other business that may arise. However, given the exceptional circumstances this year, the executive has asked existing board members to remain in office until the spring of 2021. That said, there are vacancies presently existing which could be filled in the interim.

Current members of Transport Action Atlantic may nominate (with their consent) any other member in good standing for a position on the board. Nominations should be made in advance of the meeting, and may be submitted by mail to the TAA Nominating Committee, P.O.Box 268, Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Y3, or by e-mail to

The virtual meeting may offer the opportunity for participation to members who are not normally in a position to attend the AGM.  Please consider taking advantage of this possibility if you have access to the Internet. If you have an e-mail address, it is important to ensure that our membership records include this information. If you are uncertain, please contact our membership secretary Christine Mills Garnet by emailing without delay.

We look forward to seeing you online on October 17. No masks required.

Stay safe!

Ideas in Motion: New Brunswick Election 2020

Transport Action Atlantic is an all-volunteer, non-partisan advocacy organization. Our goal is to promote convenient, affordable and sustainable public transportation for all Atlantic Canadians. During the current New Brunswick election campaign we believe it is important – and reasonable – to ask candidates of all political persuasion where they stand on the issues we believe are important to the province and its future.

We are pleased to publish these questions, under the common theme Ideas in Motion. We encourage you to read and discuss them. If you agree with us that they merit attention as critical campaign issues, please share them and encourage others to join the cause as well. Don’t miss this opportunity!

New Brunswick Election Issues 2020 

Municipal transit:

New Brunswick’s municipal transit systems are facing a critical cash shortage, resulting from plummeting revenues and additional costs arising from COVID-19.  There is federal assistance available on a shared-cost basis under Ottawa’s “Safe Restart” program, but the Province has so far declined to participate. Ask your candidates where they stand on public transit for New Brunswick cities – and on provincial support for transportation services to rural residents as well.

Campobello ferry:

Campobello Island is part of New Brunswick, but the only year-round access residents have to the rest of Canada is via a bridge to Maine and a one-hour drive through American territory. A seasonal ferry through Deer Island operates only for a short period each summer. For the rest of the year, Campobello residents must endure increasingly hostile scrutiny from US border officials, and have their mail routinely opened for inspection. Ask your candidates if they believe this to be a matter of national sovereignty – one that requires urgent federal-provincial co-operation to find a solution.

CN Newcastle subdivision:

In 2014 the Province of New Brunswick and CN reached an agreement for rehabilitation of the deteriorated Newcastle Subdivision, which serves Campbellton, Bathurst, Miramichi and other North Shore communities. As part of the deal, CN was supposed to actively market the line to increase rail traffic and boost the economy in the area. After six years, there is little to show for the $25-million provincial investment. Ask your candidates if they believe the provincial government should be more assertive with CN – insisting that the railway live up to its obligations and encourage more effective use of rail and less demand on overburdened highways.

August 30, 2020